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How to Remodel a Salon That Can Be Attractive to the Customer?

How to Remodel a Salon That Can Be Attractive to the Customer?

Remodeling your salon is a brilliant way to attract new clients, whether you're updating your existing space or expanding to a new location. However, you will not achieve your goals unless you have a solid plan. We're here to keep your style and budget in check.

Interior decoration companies in Dubai have the experience and expertise to design salons practically and stylishly. 
This blog has compiled a list of essential tips and considerations to remember as you prepare to remodel your salon. Use these tips to get a new salon with a great modern style that meets your needs.

How to choose a beauty salon interior design?

The interior design of the beauty salon should reflect its specialty. Therefore, before choosing colors and furniture, you should consider the overall style you want to display. Next, it is advisable to examine the services you will provide. 
For example, a men's barbershop should use bold dark colors and shades because they are stereotypically masculine and preferred by men. On the other hand, the bright and colorful designs are ideal for women's beauty salons, such as nail studios, spas, solariums, and hairdressing salons.  

Interior Design Tips for Beauty Salons

When planning a remodel, you must first determine the class of the salon. It could be as follows:
    - Economy class.
    - First-class service.
    - Premium or luxury class.

Consider your preferred style, target audience, and area of specialization carefully. Then, consider the colors you want and choose the best ones for your beauty shop. Because the color scheme is one of the essential interior design elements, it is best to consult a designer.

1- Improve your lighting:

Proper lighting in the Beauty Salon

The lighting is the first thing that customers notice. Stylish lighting is a fashionable solution and an essential aspect of the work.
Consider getting the best lighting possible, as your team will work on it later. Customers will also take photos in the beauty salon and post them online. You will also need to show some before/after images, so professional lighting is required.

2- Choose the color scheme carefully:

Stylish color for furniture   

As mentioned earlier, colors matter a lot. However, there are many rules and exceptions regarding color schemes for a beauty salon. Some experts recommend calm and minimalistic designs. Others argue that you must be memorable and use vivid, colorful designs, but the main rule is to avoid combining too many elements.

Decorating with only one color may appear dull, while combining too many colors (three or more) may seem strange. To be successful in this field, you must consider the central concept. What do you hope to get at the end? A calm, relaxing environment, a modern solution with vibrant colors, unusual designs, or both?
If you're stuck for ideas, choose a few similar colors and mix them. So simple yet advanced! Designers recommend using primary colors (75% of the time) and similar secondary colors (25% of the time).

3- Buy new equipment and furniture:

Mirrors are a must in the salon. Make sure your customers are satisfied with what they see.
From designer chairs to waiting-room sofas, it's essential to maintain a consistent and comfortable look. Make sure that you purchase the equipment from a reputable beauty company.
If you're still using a boom-box radio, now is the time to upgrade to a Bluetooth stereo system!

4- Prominently display your product:

Clients want to know they're getting the best. So, make your shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams stand out in the waiting area with a brilliant product display. Consider this area your "power wall," with spotlights and accent colors to draw attention to it. The organization is essential, from floating shelves to built-in cabinetry. Too much product can be overwhelming, while too little can appear unkempt.

5- Make Your salon Eco-Friendly:

Working with organic and fair-trade products is just the start. Many customers will appreciate your eco-friendly design choices, which range from LED lighting to sustainable materials and finishes. For example, when choosing the floor, select recyclable materials such as cork, rubber, or reclaimed wood. Use non-toxic, low-VOC paint or wall clay for a more natural look.

These are just some of the tips to follow. However, several other tips differ depending on the type of salon you are working on.

Salon Design Styles

The appearance of a beauty salon can be an essential consideration when remodeling your salon. Provence and minimalism are the most popular styles. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Explore them.

Provence Style

Waiting Room in a beauty salon

This style is easily identified by its bright colors and natural designs. A beauty salon designed in the Provence style is an ideal setting for relaxation, calm, and tranquility. Decorative elements help to create a sense of unity with nature. To decorate in the provence style, use rattan furniture, linen blankets, vases with fruits and plants, etc.

High-tech Style
The main feature of this style is that it is highly restrained. It's similar to minimalism in that there's no need for extraneous details. Maintain a practical and stylish appearance. Metal, glass, and plastic furniture are preferred in the interior. The setting is devoid of pomp, luxury, or frills. This look frequently employs modern handle-less wardrobes, spotlighting, and bright colors. It is best suited for small beauty salons or those looking to open a business-style beauty studio.

Loft Style
This design is suitable for open spaces where zoning is achieved through contrasting designs rather than partitions. In any case, there are some limitations. For example, it is sometimes possible to use transparent curtains as room dividers while illuminating the space. On the other hand, the loft is ideal for barbershops with masculine designs. It is sufficient to paint the walls and hang some paintings. It is also acceptable to forego decorative finishing of the ceiling and walls. 

Classic Style

 Luxury beauty salon in golden color      

This style is ideal for luxury establishments or beauty salons that want to appear trustworthy from the start. The classic interior design incorporates natural materials such as wood and stone.

Minimalistic Style
Small beauty salons styled in this manner will look adorable. You can use any colors and shades you want. However, it is best to choose bright, warm colors. This style is frequently used in conjunction with the high-tech style. They work together to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of technological cleanliness. As a result, this combination of minimalist types is commonly used in the design of cosmetology clinics and even medical centers.

Baroque Style
The luxurious style is frequently used for large chain beauty salons catering to people who can afford everything. Therefore, a Baroque beauty shop must present antique furniture, crystal chandeliers, volumetric mirrors, gilding, stucco, and other decorative elements. Furthermore, as you might expect, there are few competitors because this style is unique and relatively expensive. Therefore, it is critical not to overdo the decorations in a Baroque design.

The Bottom Line

Remodeling your salon is a significant undertaking.  

If you are looking for an interior decoration company in Dubai to remodel your salon, call us at (+971) 50 300 0794 or visit our office.

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