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How Do I Decorate My Swimming Pool?

How Do I Decorate My Swimming Pool?

During the summer, pool parties are a must, and everyone tries to host the perfect pool party, but it is only possible when the pool is decorated correctly.
Well, if you’re a pool party owner or you have a resort/hotel/villa with a swimming pool and are looking forward to decorate it, this blog is just for you!  

While decorating poolside, you need to make it as modern as possible by keeping its beauty criteria in mind. 
However, you can bring some fun colors to the pool but; in less quantity because if you put too many colors on the poolside, it’ll look like a circus (no hard feelings!).

To give you some fantastic tips for swimming pool design, some products and useful things will help you with swimming pool supply stores, pool fountains, waterfalls, etc.  

  1. Different types of Plants 

    People say that plants bring joy, so why not use some plants on the poolside? Especially when it comes to small homes swimming pool design. 
    The bright and green color of the plant will make you feel relaxed and make the pool look modern.   
    In addition, green spaces enhance the natural appearance of your pool. With these beauties nearby, your pool will give vibes of a tropical lagoon or a hidden oasis. Some plants are even known to repel mosquitos and other insects!

  2. Beautiful Flowers

    If you are using plants then why not have some flowers too? Some giant flower pots will make your pool look gorgeous, and also will help to freshen up people’s minds. You can use flowers to decorate the crib, fence, etc.

  3. Think about Patterned Pool Tiles

    Pool tiling necessitates extensive research and deliberation. 
    The days of bright blue or turquoise swimming pools are most likely behind us. There are many options now, but it isn't easy to imagine what tiles will look like in scale, when wet, and in shallow or deep areas of the pool.  

    A patterned effect can look good- just like in the sea, there are textures in the sand and rock pools and areas of light and dark, and if you extrapolate that theme, you can come to a series of different tile colures that look strange in isolation but enchanting in mass.
  4. Courtyard Umbrellas

    Of course, during a sunny pool party, the sun will shine at its peak, and no one wants to get sunburned. That’s why we advise you to use courtyard umbrellas. They are specially designed for pools, and it’s also trendy nowadays.
    If you’re not in favor of an umbrella, then you may try something else that can cover the pool area to protect you.
  5. PVC Towel Rack

    Having a PVC towel rack is not for making the pool look decent; it’s very useful. It simply works well for all likewise; when everyone is getting out of the pool, they will need towels. In order to have ease, you have to try these racks ultimately.
  6. Coke Float

    What’s better than a refreshing and cool drink while swimming? If you want to keep your drinks cool for a long time, floating objects made can help you a lot.
    You may find such items at both online stores and in markets. In floating trays, putting some ice will support your drinks to remain cool for a significant period. 
    Also, as these objects will not break the surface tension of the water, there won’t be any concern about spillage.

  7. Floating Candle Pool Decorations

    Add candles to floating pool decorations for an extra twinkle in the evening. If you are not fond of scented candles, try using unscented ones.
    When it comes to floating pool decorations, you can never have too many options. Some people like to hang them while others prefer putting them in the water. There is no right or wrong way but what matters is that they are easy to assemble and come with various options for everyone’s unique tastes.
  8. Poolside Chairs

    For relaxing after swimming, the poolside chair is the best.
    Where you can sit, exhale all the tiredness, charge yourself, and have refreshment while having the beautiful look of the pool.
  9. Above-Ground Pool Signs

    It’s not only about the above-ground swimming pool signs, but you can also use many more figures to decorate the pool. You can use cardboard and some decoration stuff to make it. Try to write fun summer quotes as “life is nicer in the pool” or “fun times, with sunburns”
  10. Outdoor Shower

    It is pretty helpful to get a comfy cold shower in the summer and build an outdoor shower. It can be minor, but you can make it look adorable by decorating it with stickers.  

  11. Above-Pool Lighting

    We frequently have lights around and inside the pool, but what about hanging above? This produces a fantastic nighttime effect on the water. It's almost as if you're swimming in a sea of stars!

  12. Decorating Poolside Furniture

    Although it won't take much to persuade you to lounge by the pool, poolside furniture can make your outdoor space even more inviting. 
    In addition, you can showcase your style and set the mood for the design by using your favorite poolside decorating ideas. It's more than just practical; it's also necessary for a good summer vibe.
  13. Woven Tropical Furniture

    There is a wide range of wicker, rattan, and cane furniture designs. With your poolside decor, keep an open mind - include a statement peacock chair or a hanging sofa, or keep it simple with some well-placed ottomans.
  14. Exterior with Interior Swag

    By blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, you can create a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a fun seaside retreat. 
    And to give your pool a lavish look, replace the dividing wall with sliding glass doors or add a well-equipped kitchenette to your patio.
    In addition, don't forget the importance of having outdoor essentials such as a coffee table, soft furnishings, a rug, decor, and lighting. Make sure whatever you put outside is waterproof.

Put your swimming pool designing ideas to action!
With a few simple poolside decorating ideas, you can create your summer oasis in no time! 
Still unsure where to begin? Then schedule a free pool design consultation with our experts today!

Happy Swimming!

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