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Go Budget Friendly with These Bathroom Remodeling Hacks

Go Budget Friendly with These Bathroom Remodeling Hacks

Revamping your bathroom interior design can be tricky sometimes. Some people may even disregard this topic since they perceive the bathroom to be a minor part of the house. 
It can be more cost-effective to make small changes for a fresh look. Well, we won’t advise you to settle for an 80s-style bathroom with a drab shower curtain or an empty shower space.  

If you redesign your bathroom while following these simple bathroom interior design hacks, it can add a lot of value to your home aesthetics. You can also benefit from some trendy bathroom remodeling ideas at the end.  

Functional Bathroom Interior Design Hacks  

One of the primary ideas is to install a full-body mirror in your bathroom to achieve a sophisticated professional image. 
You must pay attention to every detail of your home in order to maximize its sale value. So, how are we going to miss the bathroom?  

If you have an old, small, or drab bathroom and want to turn it into a luxurious retreat, use these hacks and tips.  

Expanding the Space for Washroom Design  

You can remove the shower curtain to make your bathroom feel larger without having to move any walls. 
For a more modern look, you can add classy glass sliding doors. This can not only open up the space but also give your bathroom a contemporary look.  

Keep in mind that glass shower or tub doors are separate entities. They can be replaced or removed entirely. It's a simple re-do to replace ancient doors with transparent, modern ones.  

Pay Heed to Proper Ventilation for Dubai Bathroom Design  

Your bathroom's worst enemy is moisture. 
Mold and mildew may destroy any makeover, so be sure to add a fan that will appropriately ventilate the amount of square footage in your bathroom when you redesign it. Consult with an expert for the best bathroom interior design for you.  

Lighting Matters a Lot  

Don't overlook the importance of lighting in your bathroom. In a perfect scenario, your bathroom would have three levels of lighting:

  • General overhead lighting (excellent for making the bathroom appear larger)
  • Vanity area lighting (ideal for shaving or doing makeup)
  • Soft ambient lighting (perfect for a relaxing bath)

To ensure optimum flexibility, it is a good idea to include dimming choices for all lighting.  

Change The Old Painted Walls: Interior Design for Bathroom Tiles  

The paint color has a significant impact. When it comes to paint colors, even in a bathroom, you have to be very selective. 
Some colors simply do not work in small spaces and must be handled with care. Only a skilled bathroom interior design company can master the art of choosing the right colors for small spaces. 
Furthermore, for your modern bathroom, use a neutral color to compliment the elegance of your bathroom decor without overpowering it. A light neutral hue will also lighten the room and give the impression of more space.  

With simply a change in paint color, you can make a big difference. Isn't it cost-effective? 
Or you can also go with matte bathroom interior design tiles.  

Lastly, Pay Attention to The Outlets’ Location  

In your bathroom, even the simplest touches may make a big difference. When it comes to electrical outlet placement, there are three options—camouflage, conceal or compliment. Keep in mind that all three options can be used at times. 
Camouflage outlets blend in with their surroundings by matching the color of the wall they're mounted on, eliminating visual clutter.  

They can also be used in conjunction with the grout lines to reduce their appearance. Flush outlets are also a good choice because they are virtually undetectable when not in use. 
For restrooms with little space, concealed outlets are the best alternative. Concealed outlets can be tucked away in cupboards, drawers, and even cabinets. 
Complementing outlets is a design strategy that makes the most of the outlet by employing it as a unique design element.  

That’s not it, let’s dig into some new trends…  

Seven Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Look For in 2022  

If 2022 is the year you finally decide to upgrade your bathroom, here's everything you'll need to know. 

1. Go Organic with Your Washroom Design  

Recently, organic style, which emphasizes natural materials, warmth and abundance of plants, has become a hot topic in home design, and it swiftly will rise to become the top bathroom interior design style in 2022. 
Bath designs, particularly those that appreciate a connection to nature, will continue to use accents that complement this style.  

You may create a tranquil spa-like retreat in the bathroom by using a biophilic approach and styling it with a variety of natural materials such as houseplants and pampas grass. 

2. Murals with a View  

Bathrooms are no longer constrained to sterile-all-white walls and a contemporary feel throughout. 
Even individuals who prefer clean lines and modern bathroom interior design are getting more comfortable with vibrant patterns on walls and in small alcoves.  

Statement walls are no longer merely for wowing customers in waiting areas. 
Instead, you can add colorful murals, elaborate murals, and hand-drawn images to bathrooms and powder washrooms to create spa-like sanctuaries for homeowners to relax, unwind, and savor every day.  

Read more: why hire a professional bathroom interior design company for washroom design for home. 

3. Merger of Indoor and Outdoor Space

The idea of blurring the barriers between indoors and outdoors is not new. The bathroom interior design trends of 2022 go a step further. 
Bathrooms blend in with their surroundings thanks to a combination of placement, materials, and architecture. Indoors, expect to see more wood and larger glass walls. 

4. Stools and Benches that Stand Out  

Benches and cosmetics vanity stools will be the 'it' home accessory of 2022, especially when teamed "with something soft and tactile." 
People are always on the lookout for delectable artistic bathroom interior design decorations and trays to hold their products and accessories. 

5. Say Yes to Curvy Lines

Warm neutrals and natural finishes are getting all the hype as trendy bathroom interior design ideas. 
Still, that sounds like a recipe for the most boring bathroom we've ever heard of. Fortunately, there is a way to give your home that special something—all it's in the details.  

The curve line is firmly entrenched in our homes. After going through the difficult moments that COVID-19 has brought, people are appreciating a gentle line that seems like it wraps you in an embrace. 
You can see the curve in architecture, such as entrances, windows, cabinet designs, arched ceilings, as well as in huge ways in patterns, whether in fabrics or tile designs. 

6. Shower and Bath in One

The concept of a two-in-one Shower and bath is back. 
A glass divider now separates a big shower and tub from a confined tub with a showerhead and shower curtains.  

It's an excellent option for individuals who value practicality and convenience. 
Besides, pay attention to new trends for interior design for bathroom tiles. 

7. Lastly, The Nudes Are Back Again  

Gone are the days of cooler gray color palettes. 
You can expect a rebirth of warmer color palettes, as well as a subtle return to creams, beiges, and nudes.  

This should come as no surprise; earthy-inspired tones have been popular for a long time (and will continue to be popular in the new year). 
We are currently working on some fantastic projects that include fabrics, textured wallcoverings, and even glossy bathroom tile in cream, taupe, and sienna tones. There will be a change! 

Not sure what’s the best bathroom interior design trend that will work for you? Give us a call today to discuss.

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