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Creative Uses of Wood in Home Decoration

Creative Uses of Wood in Home Decoration

The use of wood in contemporary interior design in Dubai reinterprets concepts such as statement walls, high beams, completed ceilings, and treated floors. 
Wood spontaneously provides decency to homes where steel and concrete have been intensely employed because of its earthly tone and natural texture. 
It gives a space a grounded feel and offers modern rooms a touch of rustic inspiration.

Family rooms with wooden panels were popular in the 1980s, but today's wood-clad walls in Dubai are inspired by the elegant simplicity of Arabic design and overseas minimalism.
For example, instead of using dark colors, neutral tones are frequently used to create a calm environment that is simple to decorate with a monochromatic color scheme or an unexpected flash of color. 
Interior designers in Dubai can utilize wood panels as a feature corner wall to add variety and contrast to the simple concrete, brick, or stone surroundings.

With that in mind, here are some creative uses of wood in home decoration.  

What Are Some Good and Small Wood Projects?

Want to construct a new project? Take a look at these cool ideas you can construct! 
The best part is that they only need a few basic tools and some good old-fashioned labor; they don't need a full workshop or years of woodworking skill.

  • Wood-framed media wall

    Make your own media box to create a tidy and clutter-free TV area. 
    The warm, cozy quality of wood is the ideal contrast to the cutting-edge technology the project would support and be useful for. 
    When you have visitors over, it is a fantastic discussion starter.

  • Make a wooden chopping board and serving tray 

    A simple, lovely board is perfect for slicing, dicing, and serving. You can easily dry-fit the components, scribe the arc, and adhere everything together. 
    To scribe the arcs, you can use a 4-foot steel ruler, although a yardstick or other thin board would also work.

  • Straightforward wall shelf

    Making a straightforward wall shelf out of a pallet is a simple project that won't tire you out with hard work. 
    The hardest part of this project would be cutting the pallets, which calls for the use of a Sawzall. 
    Screwing the wood pieces into position and applying your finishing touches are the final steps.
    You can also use decorative wall shelves as wood bathroom wall decor. Nowadays, numerous interior design Dubai experts use wood in sanitary works and fit-outs.

  • Booster stool for shoe storage

    You just have to spare an hour constructing this useful stool, then store it in your closet. Additionally, you can use it as a step to access the high shelf. 
    All you need to assemble the storage shelves is a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood measuring 4 feet by 4 feet, wood glue, and several  8d finish nails. 
    Cut the plywood pieces. Apply wood glue to the joints before attaching them with 8d nails.  

    Nailing the sides into the back should come first. Then, drive a nail through the top and into the sides and back. 
    Finally, place a mark where the two shelves will be and insert a nail through the sides of the shelves.
  • A fantastic candle holder

    With the help of a straightforward woodworking project, you can recycle an old piece of wood and create a rustic-looking candle holder. 
    It only requires a little drilling and a few nails to secure some pieces, making it an inexpensive or free practice for beginners.


How to Make Wooden Decorations for My House?

You benefit from working with wood home decor in two ways: you save money, and your home looks better. 
Try working on these initiatives to create a radical impact without having to spend any money.  

It will enhance your crafting skills while creating a contemporary landmark in your home, in addition to enhancing the appearance of your house. 
Be creative and fantastic since there is something fun you can do to improve the appearance of your living environment.

  • DIY Wooden Clock

    These days, wood slab clocks are highly fashionable living room decor. These clocks are becoming more popular as people learn more about bohemian fashion. 
    Your home can look incredibly airy and seamless with the addition of a wooden slab clock. You can just DIY to acquire one without breaking the cash.
    If you want to construct a wooden watch, the design options are virtually limitless.  

    If you like, you can construct one by combining the clock hand and mechanism into a single large piece of wood. 
    Making a wall clock out of split wood slabs will improve the wooden clock. You can get more living room wall decor ideas here.

  • Wooden Framed Art

    With the help of a freshly made work of twig art, those old and damaged photo frames have been given a second chance at life. 
    To create this brand-new piece of wall art, a few twigs from the backyard or wood can be spray painted any color and then placed into an empty decorative frame.
  • Coat Rack as Wood Wall Decor

    This is the project you should do if you recently moved in and are seeking items to fill up your walls or have a void space. 
    A rustic coat rack is sure to draw attention. Even though you could easily create a standard coat rack, this one is more worthwhile.

    Get a large board to serve as the basis for building this coat rack with a log cabin aesthetic. The next step is to cut several smaller logs into disks using wood glue.
    Next, drill a few traditional hooks into the center of the base. Throughout this project, the drill will be utilized quite a bit.

  • Idyllic Wooden Beam Shelf Trio

    With rustic wooden beam shelves, you can add some attractive storage options to your home. 
    They keep a quality design that gives your space a rustic feel while being durable enough to support anything you might need to store on a shelf. 
    Such wooden shelves look fantastic on your wall whether arranged together or separately. 
  • No Mess Wooden Coasters

    If you're just starting, making wooden coasters is one of the most secure DIY wood décor tasks. They don't take a lot of time to complete. 
    They are also quite forgiving; even if you cut the wrong form, you can quickly adjust the plan and construct a different shape without anyone noticing.

    Making coasters out of leftover wood is a nice thing as well. But, again any shape that you like is an option. 
    Simply use a table saw to cut the shapes. Finish it with food-safe varnish after extremely thorough sanding.

  • Decorative Wall Mirror Sets 

    Give your simple circular mirror a completely new appearance with a solid wooden boundary. 
    It will look great on the wall above the mantel or a bedroom dresser. For a modern design, the combination of rustic wood and the sleekness of a mirror offers great contrast.

Two Common Ways to Use Wood in Your Home

Other than heating your home with wood, you can use it as a traditional and persistent material option for house interiors
Wooden interior design is the best approach to producing all forms of house decor, from crude and historical to modern and contemporary, because no material is as adaptable and versatile as wood. 
The natural warmth that wood adds to a room has a kind of mystical quality.  

Therefore, our interior design Dubai experts advise that you think about using hardwood interior decor if you want to create (or redesign) your home or apartment.
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Wooden floors

In interiors with wood, parquet flooring is frequently used. A parquet floor gives your home an air of elegance and more coziness. 
Parquets are often made up of oak planks that have been varnished or oiled. The planks are available in a range of widths, lengths, and thicknesses. 
Additionally, there are unique shapes available, such as a mosaic or herringbone design.

Wooden divider wall

The best material for a dividing wall is wood. To divide the living room from the dining area, place vertical planks a few centimeters apart. 
By doing this, you may design a unique space for yourself while still keeping the two regions connected. We used this layout for a modern office design, so we can vouch for its effectiveness!

The Bottom Line

With all the aforementioned details, there should be no doubt that wood is preferable to other materials for interior design. 
The most popular interior design Dubai material today and in the future is, without a doubt, wood. 
Wood is a classic material that may help you create the interior design of your desires, as was already said.

If you enjoy wooden interiors and are considering to include them in your new home, what should you do? Call us right now at (+971) 50 300 0794 or visit our office. 
So, be it selecting steel wood furniture, mango wood furniture, or solid wood furniture in Dubai, we will guide you through the whole process. 
Our services are available all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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