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Classy Bedroom and Kitchen Design Trends That Will Soar High in 2022

Classy Bedroom and Kitchen Design Trends That Will Soar High in 2022

One thing is for sure—kitchen/bedroom remodeling is a little more expensive than any other home improvement project; and for good reasons. These spaces are the heart of the home and a source of pride for many people. 
Fantastic kitchen and bedroom designs provide you with an opportunity to earn a decent return on your interior design remodels.

With that in mind, here are some of the newest and most captivating kitchen and bedroom designs that must be included in your next home renovation concept.  



Go Bright with Statement Lighting  

Statement lighting is both practical and fashionable, allowing people to highlight their magnificent houses while also serving as eye-catching artwork. 
From sculptural pendants to eye-catching sconces, many people are already looking for statement lighting that complements their personal style.

On Amazon, searches for 70s lighting have increased by 300%, searches for vintage lighting have increased by 25%, searches for sculptural or ornamental lighting have increased by 30%, and searches for colorful lighting have increased by 22%.

Bold Stripes Are the New Trend

In 2022, stripes will be big in bedrooms. Stripes are being incorporated into bedroom designs in an altogether bolder and almost. And dare we say, it is a theatrical fashion for 2022—ranging from traditional smaller-scale ticking stripes for the more reserved and traditional interior decorators to more striking stripes for the contemporary interiors fellows working in the industry.  

It's best if you can be as inventive as possible with them. This stripe trend is not for the faint of heart! The year 2022 is an open invitation to everyone who wants to build a stripe-tastic bedroom that is bolder and more brilliant than ever before.

Curved Furniture with Victorian Theme

Mid-century modern, crisp lines will always be popular, but we're increasingly witnessing a softening of furniture forms, with curved edges and feminine shapes taking center stage. 
In 2022, there has been a greater emphasis on furniture as art in its own right. As a result, furniture is becoming more polished, with gentler contours that show off like a gorgeous nude back.  

People want comfort as well as amusing, unique, and/or striking things that make a room look interesting and memorable.
Curves are both feminine and forgiving, making bedroom designs instantly cozier and more secure. In addition, curves are a great way to add vivid colors to a Victorian-themed room because people prefer them over big and bold motifs.

Black In Bedroom Designs Is Here to Stay  

For bedroom designs, UAE based homeowners have typically chosen safe color palettes such as monotones, white, and other neutrals. 
The new-age millennial globetrotting homeowner, on the other hand, is willing to try new colors and patterns. Black is one such color that is trendy in 2022.  

Black accents were quite fashionable in 2021 and will continue to be so in 2022. Black accents will help you emphasize your house in an elegant and eye-catching manner, whether you want to elevate the look of a neutral space or add some drama.
Keep the color scheme light and layer in black accent pieces if you have a small space.

Loads of Texture in Bedroom Interior Design

When many various textures are used, even the simplest neutral palettes can give extraordinary vibes. A blend of white toned accent wall with textured headrest is high in demand this year.  

Moreover, texture will absolutely be on the rise in 2022—the more, the better! Soft velvets and boucle fabrics will be combined with woven furniture and sisal carpets. These features provide warmth to the bedroom, making it more appealing.


Convenient Designs

Consider more than the kitchen space's overall appearance and design when planning your makeover. Consider the convenience and functionality that organizational additions and convenience components can provide. 
We'll ask you about your daily cooking habits and how you use your space while working with your design team.  

Our kitchen and bedroom design experts will provide recommendations that fit your lifestyle, from built-in drawer organizers to pull-out garbage and recycling cabinets.

Distance from the Corners

Make sure to leave enough clearance and swing direction in your kitchen design for fully working appliances and cabinet doors.  Keep appliances away from corners. Also, make sure that when doors are opened at the same time, they don't collide.

Kitchen Interior Design with Cabinet Storage

Without the clutter of spice racks or knife holders, pull-down racks and under-cabinet drawers provide rapid access to kitchen staples. 
When the cooking is finished, the rack swings up against the cabinet's underside. To hold knives, spices, or other tiny items that take up kitchen counter space, you can buy ready-made racks or buy a set of hinges and create your own wooden rack.

For kitchen as well as bedroom designs, having larger passages could be really beneficial. Because of the extra room, you'll be able to have multiple appliances open at once without them interfering with one another.

Get Real When It Comes to Appliances

When it comes to kitchen or bedroom designs, it's tempting to get carried away. While a six-burner commercial-grade range and a luxury-brand refrigerator may be eye-catching, they may not be appropriate for your culinary needs or lifestyle.
Appliances are mainly cooking and storage devices. The kitchen/bedroom designs and usefulness should be the focus of your kitchen makeover, not the tools.

So, unless you're a great cook who cooks a lot, spend your money on long-term features like cabinetry and flooring that increase value.
Then go with trusted products that have received good ratings in internet reviews and consumer reports.

Classy Countertops

Think about how much room you'll need for counters. Individuals who cook frequently or produce simpler meals require more counter space than those who cook less frequently or prepare simple dishes.
When it comes to modern kitchen design, combining two different countertop heights makes baking easier and allows kids to participate in dinner preparation.  

Using two distinct heights might help you transform your counter into a prep and dining area. Combining rooms to save space and increase the value of your home is a terrific method to save money and add value.

Wide Walkways  

Make walkways that are at least 36 inches wide throughout your kitchen. In addition, for kitchens with one cook, walkways in the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide, and 48 inches wide for kitchens with two cooks. 
Adjust peninsulas and kitchen islands as needed during the kitchen designs/planning process.

Make sure you keep track of your appliances. For example, when the doors to your refrigerator or dishwasher are ajar, it might create a stumbling obstacle in your kitchen route. 
You can solve this by either building a kitchen with two readily navigable pathways or creating a path that is broad enough to pass through even when your appliance doors are open.

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