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Best Minimalist Garden Design Ideas In 2022

Best Minimalist Garden Design Ideas In 2022

Landscape design Dubai: a blend of aesthetic and artistic creativity!

When designing a garden, you need to consider your level of dedication as well as your environment. Every plant requires different amounts of water and sunlight. 
A succulent garden in a dark yard in Dubai is unlikely to grow, while a fern garden in a sun-drenched Abu Dhabi yard won't last long.
So, it is advisable to pick plants that are suited for your environment and the unique conditions in your yard, regardless of which front yard landscaping design you prefer. 
With a little know-how, you can create a front garden that will impress your neighbors and increase the value of your property.
With that in mind, here are some exotic landscape design Dubai ideas that will glorify your garden.  

Top Garden Landscaping Design Ideas of 2022

Using a combination of evergreens and vibrant seasonal flowers, for example, enhances practically every front yard. 
If you mix the two, you'll have year-round greenery as well as the freedom to add or remove flowering plants as the seasons change.
Depending on your climate and commitment, you may be able to use flowering evergreens to create a welcoming front yard with minimal effort.


1. Wheelbarrow with plants in cottage style

wheelbarrow with plants
What could be more charming than a shabby chic wooden wheelbarrow brimming with flowers and ivy? 
This type of charming design will work well in practically any yard, but it's especially well-suited to cottage landscape design in Dubai.
While many types of flowers would be appropriate for this type of garden display, petunias, fuchsias, and other popular hanging basket flowers look especially lovely when they protrude out from the sides.
Use a high-quality potting mix that will retain water in the wheelbarrow to keep your flowers happy over the hot summer months for the best results.

2. The use of small plants in landscape architecture in Dubai
There's no law that says big, bold plants don't belong in little front yards. Instead, a large number of small, low-growing plants will make your little front landscape design appear even smaller.
Many small containers are also a high-maintenance option, requiring constant watering.
So, even if your front yard is quite small, go for it and be inspired by this beautiful tropical front landscape design Dubai.
The tall, prickly palm trees contrast beautifully with the well-kept lawn. Palms can also be planted in huge containers if that is more your style.

3. Pathway with a classic boxwood edge

front yard pathway
Incorporate a classic—and beautiful—boxwood hedge along your entry walk to hedge your landscape design. 
The firmly leaved branches of boxwood shrubs can be easily fashioned into a variety of shapes, despite being plain and monochromatic.
They guide the eye to the front door of a house and quietly encourage visitors to utilize the pathway instead of wandering on the grass when left tiny and circular, as seen in this front yard concept, or clipped into a short rectangular hedge.
A short hedge, when paired with a low-maintenance ground cover like creeping thyme or phlox, can be one of the most low-maintenance solutions for flower beds and pedestrian borders.

4. Make a plant bed in the area where your mailbox is
Next to your mailbox, plant some Creeping Jasmine or annual flowers. To keep a small amount of mulch contained, create a simple border. 
This entire landscape design adds color and charm to the end of your driveway.

5. A small enclosed front yard with herbaceous border

herbaceous bed
If you prefer a more traditional look for your garden borders, herbaceous perennials such as lavender and rosemary are a must-have. 
The drought-tolerant plants provide a lovely contrast to grass, walkways, and roadways, softening the overall environment.
Lavender complements practically any form of hardscaping in your yard, from bold concrete to classic landscape design Dubai edging.

6. In front of your house, plant perennial shrubs
Perennial shrubs like Azaleas and Hydrangeas will blossom and offer color to the front of your house year after year after you plant them. Many are reasonably priced and simple to maintain. 
Make sure you talk to a professional at your local nursery on how to plant them with appropriate space, when to prune, and how to clip the perennials to keep them from becoming cumbersome.

Tip: remove any old mulch and replace it with new by pro landscape contractors in Dubai

The presence of mulch in the garden bed does not imply that it is attractive. Mulch has a tendency to dry out, leaving your beds appearing dingy.
Use a dark-colored mulch that contrasts with your shrubbery and flowers to revitalize your landscaping. 
Mulch can be purchased at your local landscape design Dubai home improvement store. The quantity of mulch required will be determined by the size of your flowerbeds.


1. Construct an outdoor dining area

outdoor dining area in backyard
If you enjoy hosting parties, grilling, or working outside, a table is a must-have for your outdoor space. 
You can build your own table out of wooden boards and multiple wine barrels, or buy a patio set that includes a table and chairs.

2. Provide seating that is both comfortable and convenient.
When renovating your outside space, don't forget to include comfortable outdoor seating. With benches, rocking rockers, and large outside pillows, create a relaxing environment for your family and guests.

3. Create a calming meditation space

outdoor meditation space
Set up an incense table and some blankets and pillows for resting in a secluded area of your lawn. 
If this location is near a tree, you can also hang chairs or colorful ornaments to add some flair to your environment.

4. Construct a theater as Dubai landscape design
By wiring up a screen and projector, laying out some blankets and cushions, and stringing up some string lights, you can watch all of your favorite movies from the comfort of your own backyard.

5. Create a children's play area

children play area 
If you have little children, a jungle gym, swing set, treehouse, or tire swing is a must-have in your garden landscape design Dubai.

6. Use a fire pit to stay warm in winters 
Although Dubai is a warm city but it can be chilly in winter. So, your garden design in Dubai must encompass adequate measures for outdoor sitting in winter.
A fire pit is one of the few objects that can make a gathering unforgettable. You can make your own from wall stones or buy a metal one if you have any DIY experience. 
Make sure there's enough seating for when you're roasting marshmallows!

7. Toss in a hammock

hanging hammock 
Hammocks are a fun addition to any backyard for both kids and adults. Suspend one between two solid trees with tree straps or industrial hooks to secure its ropes. 
If you don't have any robust trees in your yard, you can get a cheap hammock with stands instead.

What To Do for Budget-Friendly Landscape Design Dubai

It is an excellent resource to consult, and it is the most widely used handbook in the industry. Consider the following to help you stay inside your budget:

Protect your topsoil
If you have good quality topsoil, keep it out of harm's way, and if you need more, make sure you're there to accept the delivery to avoid any further charges.

Select environmentally friendly landscaping materials
Choosing lumber and other hardwoods for your area is not only cost-effective, but it also gives it a rustic, high-end look. Softwood decking is less expensive. However, it doesn't endure as long as hardwood (ipe and balau) does.
If you're getting soil from a digger, inspect the quality before letting the driver tilt it, looking for any clay or weeds. 
Rejecting topsoil is easier and more cost-effective than reloading a truck and ordering it again.

Protect your plants and perform garden maintenance regularly
If you opt to keep particular trees, bushes, or hedges as part of your garden design, make sure to take good care of them. 
One of the most important things to remember is to avoid rotting them by not adding any dirt to their stems or trunks that wasn't there before.

Liked the aforementioned landscape design Dubai ideas? Let’s discuss with the interior design experts at Decorious, one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai, to craft a minimalist garden.

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