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Private School Decor Trends 2023

Private School Decor Trends 2023

Designing a classroom may always be challenging for interior designers and school administrators. However, since the school is a place of education and training for many children and teenagers, it is necessary to pay more attention to its interior than ever. The interior space can increase students’ study enthusiasm and increase their concentration by using unique colors and design elements.

The United Arab Emirates is known as a leading country in the field of interior design. Very prominent universities of interior design and architecture, along with well-known architects in the world, have made some interior companies in UAE an excellent option for designing the interior space of schools. In this blog, we will help you create trendy design concepts for classroom decoration.

What is the Easiest Way of Decorating a Classroom?

decorating a classroom
In the past, classrooms were limited to simple spaces with repetitive elements that were repeated everywhere with little detail. Today, building classrooms and decorating a classroom requires accurate knowledge in understanding students' needs. However, attention to simple facts and low-cost changes can make a difference. 
By changing the following items, you will be able to easily have crafts for classroom decoration and enjoy a dedicated space for education:

  • Student seating area: At one time, the place where students sat was limited to spaces one behind the other, which caused fatigue in everyday life. Interior design experts recommend that you get comfortable and ergonomic chairs for the classroom and arrange them circularly or randomly.
  • Inspirational wall decorations: Empty walls without decorations do not give creative vibes to students. Pay attention to the walls for decorating a classroom. You can fill them with inspirational quotes and pictures of essential heroes and leaders.
  • Beauty and simplicity: Remember that beauty is in simplicity. We talked about decorating the walls, but remember to put a space between the decorations. In this way, confusion is avoided.
  • The color of the walls: Classroom walls should not always be white. In crafts for classroom decoration, it is not harmful to try other colors. Uplifting and exciting colors will subconsciously increase children's motivation.
  • Educational tools: Allocate a part of the classroom's interior to educational agencies. These tools can be a part of classroom decorations and have an educational use.

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Private School Decor Trends 2023

craft for classroom decoration
In 2023, educational spaces underwent many changes. Especially after an epidemic disease, the importance of functional and sustainable academic areas has become more apparent. This issue has shown itself more than ever in the interior company in UAE. Because the United Arab Emirates always tries to be a pioneer in the field of education. Therefore, many elements are used in the interior design of private and, of course, public schools, which are derived from new needs.
We will examine the most important personal school decor trends in 2023.

The importance of safety in design

Due to the spread of epidemics in the past years, safe and hygienic spaces are considered the most important in decorating a classroom. Sanitary public spaces and the need to monitor them in design are also very important. For example, signs and symptoms that teach children how to sit at a distance and observe hygiene tips like a game.

Small but functional spaces

Small but functional spaces
In 2023, craft for classroom decoration has given its place from large spaces to smaller spaces but with dedicated use. Small spaces create a more relaxed feeling in schools and enable children and teenagers to learn to socialize more by creating friendship groups. The necessity of this case is that due to the expansion of online social networks, school children's ability to communicate with society has decreased.

New divisions in the classroom

Decorating a classroom, which used to be more traditional, can bring students more enthusiasm. Spaces that can be changed, such as movable partition walls and other elements, allow teachers to change the classroom space according to their ideas and opinions. Also, modern technologies such as broadcast systems can bring education to another level.

The importance of using cheerful color

cheerful color in decorating a classroom
It is a fact that the world community is in a general depression. According to, last year, more than 264 million people were suffering from depression worldwide. This depression in families can easily affect students. For this reason, this issue should not be forgotten in the craft for classroom decoration. Happy colors and the combination of exciting colors can influence children. Of course, you should use these colors sparingly.

More green spaces

One of the most important private school decor trends in 2023 is using plants and green spaces in interior architecture. Interior companies in UAE also give special importance to this issue. Considering the importance of plants in health and maintaining the spirit, using them in indoor spaces is very practical. Especially considering the busy life of modern humans, going to nature and using it is far from reach.

What Colors are Good for a Classroom?

best colors for school classrooms  
Colors are always directly related to psychology. Therefore, the use of colors is essential in spaces that focus on education. From the point of view of psychology, a series of colors is the best option for use in the interior spaces of schools:

  • Orange: Orange color evokes emotions and feelings. Using this color on classroom walls may be excessive, but it can easily be used in classrooms and school supplies.
  • Red: Red color is also very suitable for the interior design of schools with the association of feelings of affection and excitement. However, using it excessively may have the opposite effect.
  • Green: Green color helps to relieve stress. In addition, green is closely tied to nature and, by creating a sense of balance, is an excellent option to combine with other colors.
  • Yellow: Yellow color creates happiness and reduces depression by creating serotonin in the brain. This color can also increase accuracy to a great extent.
  • White: White color is neutral and easily creates an ideal collection for classrooms with other colors. This color also creates a sense of security in people.

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Professional Design for Interior Spaces of Private Schools

Interior design is a complex subject that should be handled by professionals only. In Dubai, Decorious has a professional interior design team. Our experts design each school according to educational institutes'’ goals and needs considering commercial interior design while designing.

If you need more information about education architecture design, our consultants can assist you in making the best decision.

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