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Trendy Carpets and Flooring for Winter 2022

Trendy Carpets and Flooring for Winter 2022

The popularity of home remodeling projects has skyrocketed, and this winter season is expected to be no exception. 
The first step to raising a home's value, whether you're remodeling your current residence or flipping a rental property, is installing new flooring. 
With that in mind, the experts at our flooring services in Dubai have put together a useful guide on some of the top flooring trends of winter 2022 to help you get started on the process.  

Let’s get started.  

Flooring Trends for Winters  

The latest carpet designs have a way of making your feet feel warm and velvety. Carpet is making a great comeback, but wooden, marble and tile flooring is still around. 
Modern carpet trends will allow us to express our creativity in daring, ground-breaking, and creative ways.
Carpets are a fantastic way to add color or pattern to your home. The floor is no longer a forgotten detail. Starting at the floor, you can style the entire space.

Some carpet design fads are classic and sophisticated. Others will take more bravery but reward you with an outstanding result.
Here are the top trends for winter 2022 by our flooring services in Dubai that will increase your home's appeal and value:

1- Natural Stone Wooden Flooring Dubai

natural stone wooden floor  
Despite our best efforts, stone cannot be replicated because of its fine details and unmistakable feel. Investing in genuine stone for your interiors will be worthwhile because it needs attentive upkeep.
Given that the surface of stone flooring is cool to the touch, it works nicely with an underfloor heating system.

Parquet is regarded as one of the dependable flooring styles for winter 2022 that will complement the majority of aesthetics. This type of flooring is renowned for the unusual angle at which the hardwood planks are arranged. 
Since the 16th century, parquet has been a must-have flooring, but today's parquet flooring suppliers in Dubai are moving away from the cozy red-orange tones and toward the more elegant, neutral colors of gray and beige.

2- Patterned Tiles flooring design

patterned tile flooring  
If, as a homeowner, you want to accomplish anything with several colors rather than one consistent hue, you can use the patterned tiles to customize the look and feel of their spaces.  

Concrete Tiles 
For bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas, concrete flooring and tiles give the ideal minimalist, uncluttered appearance.
Both industrial and contemporary styles look excellent with this kind of flooring. Because tile is more expensive than usual right now, polished concrete is an option for home remodeling.

Graphic Tiles
Looking for a classy method to add an accent tile to the kitchen, shower, or bathroom floor? 
Depending on the color you select, graphic tiles can have a subtle or striking effect on their surroundings. Their geometric patterns produce stunning but unique results.  

3- Statement Marble Flooring  

statement marble flooring
Although marble has been used in interior design for a while, it typically comes in black, gray, and white tones, like the traditional Carrara marble. 
Onyx is a relatively new material, but both fit into the general trend of statement stone with striking veining, large patterns, and exotic color combinations that are prevalent in the year's color trends.
It looks best when used in high-end, luxurious modern bathroom ideas, but it may also be utilized as a splashback in the kitchen or as a feature wall in a living area. 
Complex, striking marbles and stronger body veining in marble-look tiles were the strongest trend on display at the important ceramic tile trade expo in Italy.

Moreover, there are many benefits of having marble flooring in your home such as:

  • Increased longevity & durability 
  • Lots of options to choose from
  • A fantastic insulator
  • Easy to customize  

4- SPC Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring
The "next generation" of vinyl flooring is known as SPC flooring. They are also 100% water resistant, making them much more versatile and appropriate for all types of spaces, including wet rooms in the home like bathrooms and kitchens, in contrast to wood and laminate flooring.
SPC vinyl flooring is more durable even if WPC vinyl flooring is thicker. They are denser than they are thick, thus even though they are not as thick, they are more resistant to damage from significant hits.

5- Carpet Flooring

patterned carpet flooring  
You may be familiar with carpets that cover a whole floor. Patterned flooring carpet that resembles tiling can be employed to give flair to the area by breaking up the monotony of a single color. 
Beyond tile patterns, carpet flooring can incorporate more adorning designs that embellish your flooring and give the room a distinctive personality. That’s why many carpet suppliers in Dubai focus on this aspect.  

What Type of Carpet Is Going to Be Popular in 2023?

The focus of our winter 2022 carpet trends is on self-expression, which can be seen in geometric designs, vivid, bold, and contrasting colors, as well as intense red hues. 
The organic, natural trend, on the other hand, will remain popular throughout the coming year. It will infuse serenity into our home design plans.

Bold Patterns
Back in style are vivid hues and patterns. Patterns are among the top carpet trends for winter for a reason. Patterns allow you to show your personality via interior design while also concealing the inevitable crumbs, grime, and pet hair in your home.
Patterned carpets are perfect for your bedroom carpet ideas because they fit well in small spaces.
A speckled rug or carpet on the floor can add interest without overpowering the room, whereas a busy pattern on the wall might be overwhelming. Such bold patterns can be ideal for carpets for the living room.

Smart Stripes
striped carpets
A good stripe is a classic design element that will visually stretch and enlarge a space, just like floorboards do. Striped floor coverings were slowly taken into homes when the first collections appeared about 10 years ago.
Initially only found in high-traffic areas like stairwells, stripes are prized for their ability to resist dirt, but their appeal is slowly growing.
The flooring industry has caught up and now offers a greater variety of designs than ever before, taking design cues from the ubiquitous stripes in the fabric industry.

What Is the Most Popular Carpet Color for 2022?

The carpet color trends are entirely different from those for any other surface. The color choices feel constrained because the hard surfaces are all about natural wood aesthetics. 
The converse is true of carpet color trends. Expect to see contrasting hues, chilly, muted blues, and a lot of grays.

Bold Carpet Colors
With their carpet, homeowners are favoring bold hues. These days, carpet is less common as a flooring option for the entire house, so you may make a statement. This is particularly valid for area rugs.
Carpets and rugs in jewel tones, oranges, purples, and various colors are becoming more common. Because maximalism is fashionable right now, your carpet can stand out!
Despite the fact that flooring used to be thought of as a neutral backdrop for the rest of your room, today's homeowners, especially those in younger age groups, are investigating the idea of incorporating carpet into their designs rather than planning around it.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there is a lot happening in the carpet sector at the moment. Your options are endless because there are so many interesting trends that are likely to last for years to come.
We advise going soft, plush, and durable if you want something hot that will last for a while. And if it's waterproof, even better!

For more information, get a free consultation with us today.

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