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Glass Work & False Ceiling Designs: The Best of Our Interior Fit Out Company

Glass Work & False Ceiling Designs: The Best of Our Interior Fit Out Company

Adding intriguing glass work and false ceiling design will provide creativity, warmth and value to your home. For light-enhancing effects and classiness, most fit out companies in Dubai use glass design for a variety of modern home improvement styles.  

Similarly, the interior of your home is incomplete without a sturdy and powerful false ceiling design, just as a structure is incomplete without a solid roof.

This blog features some prominent glass and false designs by the region's leading architects, designers, and craftsmen. With bespoke glass and false ceiling creations, our fit out company in Dubai have enhanced many renovation projects.


Glass Wall Concept in Interior Fit Out

modern glass wall design 

Glass walls are ideal for interiors because they combine spaciousness, transparency, and sound insulation in a unique way. 
Frosted glass is a fantastic choice in various settings, such as the bedroom. If you like, you can also use switchable glass, which uses electricity to change its transparency at the push of a button.

Fit Out Companies in Abu Dhabi: Putting A Contemporary Spin on Classics

There's always the basic route, which you can't go wrong with: clear glass. It's a timeless option with limitless possibilities.
There are many different styles to pick from, such as bay and bow windows, picture and awning windows, and a range of materials, such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, and wood-clad aluminum.
Plus, there's more. Privacy isn't always jeopardized. Custom windows by fit out companies in Dubai provide a clear yet private view in a beautiful yet modern style.
Floor-to-ceiling glass walls/windows or enormous, light-amplifying loft windows may be just the ticket if you want to include more open, modern glass designs—and privacy isn't an issue! Remember: always employ a reputable fit out contractor for installing glass in your home.

Best Fit Out Companies in Dubai Knows What Goes with Bathroom Design

Glass is an excellent choice for sanitary applications. A glass shower which converts your bathroom into a home spa, is a must-have. 
A fully glazed, floor-to-ceiling, and frameless glass shower not only add exclusivity but also makes the space appear larger. 
This is especially beneficial in small bathrooms. In bathrooms, reverse-lacquered glass wall paneling is very popular. 
However, washbasins and fixtures built of a material mix, such as chrome/glass or stainless steel/glass, are eye-catching as well.

Kitchen Glass Work  

kitchen glass work 

The excellent material features in terms of hygiene, ease of cleaning, and design diversity are exploited when glass is used in the kitchen area—for example, as a wall panel, a scratch-resistant worktop surface, or for storage surfaces. 
As per fit out companies in Dubai, the usage of glass in the kitchen is significantly expanding.

Glass Word Designs for Balcony  

  • Glass Balcony Design for a High-End Corporate Residence

An architectural style of transparent glass design with steel as a margin is a very nice choice if you are looking for a glass design for your corporate house balcony. 
As per fit out companies in Dubai, this design will bring elegance to any area, whether it's a home or an office.

  • Transparent Glass Fusion Handheld Stainless Steel Railing

A portable railing is required for your balcony at home. Add a stainless-steel railing with transparent glass as the foundation piece to check that item.

  • Your Sassy House Needs a Laminated Glass Railing

In different styles of dwellings, the same type of glass appears differently. It wouldn't be any different in your sassy home. This laminated glass railing will add sassiness to your decor.

  • Glass Railing with Aluminum Covering for Your Modern House Balcony

A minimalist yet exquisite design is required for your modern house balcony. The parameters are perfectly met by the aluminum-covered glass railing.


Gypsum False Ceiling  

gypsum false ceiling 

False ceilings, often known as the fifth wall of a house, are gaining appeal in the interior design world, which has traditionally favored the four walls and the floor. 
While false ceiling design has been around for a while, it is making a comeback in terms of patterns, finishes, and illusions.
Gypsum false ceiling is a fire-resistant, long-lasting substance that comes in a variety of sizes. Gypsum ceilings are available in a wide range of colors and shapes.
The following are the primary reasons why most fit out companies in Dubai prefer gypsum false ceiling:

1- Soundproofing: Choosing the correct material and thickness helps reduce external noise and keep the room quiet.

2- Aesthetics: False ceilings change the look of a room and improve the overall aesthetics. They also encourage you to use your imagination and support highly artistic ideas.

3- Lighting: Different sorts of lights can be used to liven up the interiors. They also support mood lighting to create the ideal atmosphere.

4- Concealer: All of the unsightly wiring, poles, and other parts are carefully covered below the ceiling for a clutter-free, finished look.

5- Energy Savings: These ceilings can absorb heat and keep the inside temperature consistent. They can improve the effect of air conditioners or heaters.

False Ceiling Ideas for Interior Works in Dubai

Here are some trendy ceiling ideas for residential and commercial fit out work preferred by best fit out companies in Dubai.

Hallway suspended false ceiling

The aspect of your home is transformed by this suspended false ceiling for the hall made of Gypsum material. Gypsum boards are glossy and reflect light, unlike Pop, which has a matte texture. 
The basis is made up of a huge white sheet with off-white geometrical features. The use of bright LED lights ensures that light is distributed evenly across the area.

False ceiling with coffered design

Isn't it true that simplicity and minimalism never go out of style? Coffered ceilings are the way to go if you like this theme. 
Coffered ceilings are sunken panels that may be joined together in a variety of ways to produce stunning patterns and designs such as squares, rectangles, and circles. 
Despite its simplicity, its adaptability makes it lovely and mesmerizes the imagination. You can get help from the best fit out companies in Dubai regarding coffered ceiling designs.

Gypsum ceiling for living room

living room gypsum false ceiling 

The living room is where we spend the majority of our time. It's also an area that guests notice right away when they arrive. 
As a result, you can't afford to take chances with regular interiors. A stunning ceiling constructed by the best fit out companies in Dubai with gypsum sheets will transform the look of your hall. 
Your space appears larger than it is because of the vertical arrangement of bars and the smart placement of light fixtures.

Ceiling with several colors

Install a multi-colored and multi-shaped work of art in your bedroom if color is your thing. It breaks up the monotony and breathes new life into the space. 
You can experiment with the colors and shapes, making them as simple or abstract as you choose. As per the best fit out companies in Dubai, it’s ideal for a child's room because it's bright, colorful, and happy.

The sleek rafter  

It's smooth and lovely that’s why fit out companies in Dubai add this in their artwork sample. Rafters, whether utilized as barriers or as the ceiling, can liven up even the drabbest of rooms. It's easy to see why this is such a hot topic right now! 
The stark contrast between the basic gypsum ceilings and the exquisite wooden rafters benefits modern homes tremendously. 
The gypsum ceiling can be minimized, and the sleek wooden rafters can be employed to highlight it. False ceilings made of wood and gypsum are all the rage these days!

Flower ceiling design for fit out works

flower gypsum ceiling design

The use of floral motifs on ceilings is a tradition in the Middle East. They can be painted to match your desire for a joyful or classier style, and they provide an artistic look. 
Bright colors like yellow and green are appropriate for the former, while white or cream with a hint of gold is appropriate for the latter. Purple is a must-have for a royal aesthetic.

Lastly, ceilings with minimal wavy patterns

Simple wavy designs are ideal for those who want modern minimalism. 
Their patterns are so beautiful and eye-catching that you won't need anything else in the space to complement them. 
The best fit out companies in Dubai can use it to hang little LED lights from the ceiling if you desire.  

The Bottom Line

When planning a home makeover, work with fit out companies in Dubai that have a proven track record of success. 
The skilled staff at our fit out companies in Dubai can take care of your project from start to finish. We are here with you throughout the design process.

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