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Modern Ramadan Decoration Ideas and Tips: Best of 2023

Modern Ramadan Decoration Ideas and Tips: Best of 2023

Ramadan—The Month of Blessings and Dedication!  

In Dubai, Illumination, lanterns, and various types of ornamental papers are used to decorate the streets, establishments, and homes throughout the month.

Spirituality is boosted by a peaceful, well-decorated environment. While you prepare for Ramadan and focus your thoughts on the holy month, a home that is structured and adorned for the blessed month brings the Ramadan spirit into your home.

So, in order to fill your home with holiness and family with excitement, we've compiled a list of beautiful Ramadan decoration ideas.

You can quickly transform your home for Ramadan by crafting Ramadan paper lanterns, sketching crescent moons and stars on the walls, and much more. Read on to know the trendy Ramadan 2023 colors.

Classy and Elegant Ramadan Decoration Ideas

Lanterns and colorful fabric with red patterns utilized in many sorts of decorations are the two primary aspects of these Ramadan decor ideas. Ramadan celebrations in Saudi Arabia have a reddish oriental feel thanks to the confluence of these two elements.

You can give your home a festive vibe with Ramadan decor ideas. It will also help you form a spiritual connection with Allah during the month of fasting by creating peaceful and soothing vibrations that will reflect in your actions.

Here are some amazing Ramadan decoration ideas:

Ramadan Countdown Calendar  

Ramadan countdown calendar 

Make your own Ramadan countdown calendar on a whiteboard. You can use markers to draw flower patterns on the whiteboard and write the Suhoor and Iftar times for each day. This personalized Ramadan calendar can be hung on your bedroom wall to help you celebrate the celebration properly.

Ramadan Decoration Lights  

Something about lights creates a happy environment. People in the UAE use lanterns to greet Ramadan. Decorate your home with decorative lanterns that are lit by electrical tealights. Decorate your mantel with lovely string lights or wound them up your stair railing.

Why Not Go for String Lights!

string lights for decoration in Ramadan 

Similar to many other holidays, adorning your home with festive lights is a wonderful way to celebrate Ramadan. They can be strung along an empty wall or wrapped around your fireplace and stairway.  

Using lights with images of the crescent moon and star, which stand in for the Islamic faith, is a common choice. Examples of such lights may be seen in the above image.

Make It Picture-Perfect with Lanterns

Make It Picture-Perfect with Lanterns  

You can also utilize fanoos (chandelier), or decorative lanterns, to light up your house. They are available in a variety of finishes, including metal and tinted glass, and some parents decide to give one to each of their kids.

Easy Ramadan Decoration with Scented Candles

candles for Ramadan decoration  

This is the most minimal yet elegant Ramadan decoration idea. Candles can improve one's mood in addition to providing lovely illumination.  

Scent candles, whether they're filled with the rich aroma of fresh lavender or the sweet, floral notes of roses and peonies, are a great way to make the space feel more welcoming and spiritual during Ramadan. Light a few in your house and let the soothing aroma lift your mood.

One novel idea is to go with Ramadan alphabet candles in your TV launch or the gathering area. On the first day of Ramadan, it will put on a lovely display.  

At every special event, candlelight is a truly rewarding and daring thing. Why not burn them during the beginning of Ramadan as we already do it for candlelight dinners on birthdays and anniversaries!

Get The Ramadan Reading Nook in Order

Ramadan is a month of intense spiritual renewal, with a concentration on devotion, reading and rereading the Quran, as well as other spiritual literature and publications. Give your reading room a Ramadan makeover.  

This particular area can also be utilized for story time with your children when you can read Ramadan books to them.

Balloons for Last-Minute Ramadan Decor

Ramadan decoration using balloons   

During Ramadan, balloon Ramadan decoration can be used to decorate one's home or workplace.  

Constructing balloon-based arrangements and thematic shapes for centerpieces, backgrounds, walls, columns, ceilings, and entrances, among other places, are examples of balloon decorations. The most basic design is to strew balloons of all sizes and colors across a wall at random.

Ramadan Wreath Ideas: Wreaths in The Doorway

Ramadan wreath ideas  

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslim homes are decorated with a magnificent wreath. Ramadan decoration Dubai wreaths can be made at home or purchased in stores or online.

To create a sense of elegance, a Ramadan Mubarak wood sign can be placed between the wreaths. The entry will brighten the spirits of family members who are coming to the house for iftar.

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Create Your Own Customs

Because Ramadan is observed in various countries and cultures, customs may differ from family to family. Some families hide the Eid loan gift for their children to find on Eid day.

Try having everyone write down something they're grateful for each night at Iftar time and putting it in a jar as part of your Ramadan display. You can bring it out and read them on the blessed nights of Ramadan.

Household Sanctity with Moon Tree  

You can adorn a crescent-shaped Ramadan tree with stars, ornaments, fairy lights, and colored ribbons and bring it into your home. It will brighten up your home and make your Ramadan celebration even more enjoyable and unforgettable.

Artsy DIY Crafts

Ramadan DIY crafts  

You might take a different approach to Ramadan decoration by opting for something trendier and more handmade. All you need is some arts and crafts supplies, and then let your imagination go wild. We adore the concept of experimenting with a wall in your home.  

Ramadan Decor Ideas for Kitchen  

Yes! How can we forget the importance of kitchen in this holy month! There's no doubt that the kitchen gets a lot of use during Ramadan, from cooking iftar and suhoor with your family to baking cookies in the oven.  

The entire family congregates there to assist one another in preparing iftar and suhoor. Consider decorating during Ramadan this year to give your home's heart the attention it deserves. Here are some of our favorite Ramadan kitchen decor suggestions.

General Kitchen Decor

Add a Ramadan sign or an Alhamdulillah sign to the counters for a quick, easy, and minimalistic way to give your kitchen a Ramadan ambiance.

Display Your Ramadan Cookies

Ramadan cookies decoration   

Is there a better type of decoration than food? Put your favorite Ramadan cookies on full display to incorporate them into your Ramadan decor.  

The rich aroma of freshly baked cookies is a wonderful way to evoke romantic memories of Ramadan. Is there a child who doesn't enjoy moon and star sweets and masjids during Ramadan!

Put The Necessities for Ramadan in A Festive Tray

fruits and dates decoration for Ramadan 

Turn to classic Ramadan staples like dates, nuts, apricots, and lemonade for a more natural and understated Ramadan mood. Put them in a tray and presto! In a flash, you have the most attractive and practical decor.

Some Budget Friendly Ramadan Kareem Decoration Ideas  

It is critical for everyone around the world to observe Ramadan while keeping a close eye on their spending. As a result, here are some budget friendly Ramadan decoration ideas to commemorate the month of fasting:

  • According to recent statistics, 53 percent of people prefer to eat with family and friends in their homes. So, instead of eating out during the holy month, consider breaking your fast at home more frequently. Set a beautiful table and invite your loved ones around.

  • It's usually more personal and cost-effective to provide handmade sweets and nibbles as a gift.

  • Instead of buying new Ramadan decor items, consider repurposing old ones from past years, such as lights and banners.

  • It's easy to underestimate one's appetite and spend more money on meals than one requires on an empty stomach. When people break their fast, they often overeat, which is harmful to their health.  

  • Sticking to a low-cost food budget is one way to avoid overheating while keeping your finances and health in check.

Considerations for Decorating for Ramadan

Although there are many Ramadan DIY decor ideas, but there are some things that you should keep in mind when decorating such as:

Keep it spiritual

Keep in mind that Ramadan decorating should be done in a way that encourages happiness and spirituality.

Keep it simple

simple Ramadan Kareem decoration ideas 

Don't overdo the decoration of your home or place of business. Decorate it in a straightforward, pure manner. Islam forbids overspending and encourages people to observe religious holidays in simplicity and purity.

Consider your choices carefully

Make sure the ornaments you select uphold traditional Islamic principles and encourage positivism and spiritual joy.

Include the family

include the family

Include your family in the decorating process so that everyone can experience the Ramadan atmosphere.

Don't be flashy

Decorating during Ramadan shouldn't be done in an ostentatious or spectacular way. Do only what will enhance the joy and spirituality of Ramadan for you and your family.


As interior design influences your mental health, remind yourself that you are celebrating Ramadan's joy and spirituality by doing all of this. People decorate their homes for Christmas as a representation of prayer, but if you're Muslim, it's important to keep in mind that this practice is forbidden.


Is It OK To Decorate for Ramadan?

Yes, for Ramadan, many people do hang up lights. It is an effective technique to spread joy and spirituality throughout Ramadan and foster a joyful atmosphere.  

To help create a festive atmosphere and show respect and appreciation for the holy month, people frequently utilize Ramadan lights or other decorations. However, be cautious about your decorating choices and make sure they adhere to conventional Islamic norms.

The idea of decorating in Ramadan can be backed up by the fact that Caliph Umar adorned and lit mosques on the first day of Ramadan so that Muslims might peacefully observe Taraweeh prayers and other religious rites.  

How To Decorate a Dining Table for Ramadan?

dining table decoration ideas for Ramadan  

Suhoor and iftar are family gatherings. During Ramadan, this is when the entire family eats together. For your iftar and suhoor tables, all you need is a Ramadan-themed centerpiece. Also, keep your silverware in a caddy on the table so you don't have to get up multiple times while dining.

Do you host iftar dinners? If you're throwing an iftar celebration this year, keep in mind that simple elements can make a big difference. Make your guests enjoy your excellent food in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere as the final rays of the sun fade and the adhan.  

Well, the iftar and shoor tables serve more than just food. Go for suitable tablecloths, gleaming cutlery, and fragrant candles with earthy tones. Dates, dried fruits, and nuts should be kept in separate silver containers for added appeal.

Maintain a sensible, calm, and on-point Ramadan decor. Once you've decided on a color scheme, use the coordinating colors to create a tassel banner for your iftar celebration table.

What Are the Colors for Ramadan?

Consider using the following colors in your Ramadan decoration if you want to produce stunning home image that reflects the Ramadan Feast:

- Wealth, wisdom, dignity, pride, and independence are all represented by purple and dark violet. They're also linked to aspiration.

- The color yellow is associated with happiness, recall, honor, and joy.

- Turquoise and green represent new life and growth. Harmony and freshness are also represented by these hues.

What Are the Traditional Decorations of Ramadan?

traditional Ramadan decoration ideas  

The traditional Ramadan decorations include festive wreaths, hanging bright lanterns, preparing the table, and adding a carpet for an Arabian feel. Muslims can buy traditional or modern decorations for Ramadan from neighboring shops or internet marketplaces.  

The decorations help in raising the attitude of an individual and preserve an agreeable environment among the long fasting days of Ramadan.

Wrap Up

There you have it, modern yet minimalistic Ramadan decoration ideas that will be a blast during this year.  

Are you looking to renovate your home interior for this Eid? Get help from the experts at our interior design company.

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