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Modern Arabic majlis interior design in Dubai Fancy House

Modern Arabic majlis interior design in Dubai Fancy House

The majlis, or private sitting place for guests, is a feature of traditional Arab households. The Arab culture is highly friendly and welcoming. They see visitors as a gift from God and treat them with reverence. The inspiration for a majlis design comes from here. It's an area where you can entertain visitors in a separate location while keeping your home private. The majlis design Dubai has developed in terms of style and architecture over time. 

Majlis designs in modern Arabic are opulent. They come in a variety of styles, including Islamic, Moroccan, and Mediterranean, as well as contemporary. In the past, Majlis designs were simple and straightforward. Bedouin chairs, daybeds, and loose comforters were the most common. However, today's Majlis designs vary greatly in style. Modern Arabic majlis designs come in a variety of styles and configurations.  

Let's have a peek at how professional majlis design Dubai experts can make your home fancy. 

Contemporary Majlis Design for Your Fancy Dubai Home

As majlis is a traditional private space where people can sit and converse for hours. If you've ever seen Arabic house designs, you'll know how much you admire the interior design. 

One of the regions of eastern interior design is Arabic style, which signifies richness, elegance, and fairy tale. It is built on three pillars, as is all eastern art. This creates steadfast commitment to Islam's precepts, as well as centuries-old customs.  

The ability of majlis design Dubai experts to create a distinctive mixture of heritage and design is fundamental in the eastern interior. They design the room with such talent that the impression of the owner's wealth exceeds the actual size. Our interior designers express themselves by producing a wide range of patterns that are both simple and complex. The majority of this geometric design is made up of imaginary vegetation. 

Prominent Features of Majlis Design Dubai

When designing these spaces, our designers take into account all of the customer's preferences. We will try our best to implement your most ambitious ideas, and our designers' significant knowledge will assist you in avoiding typical blunders. 

Each majlis design Dubai project that we develop is unique and adapted to the requirements of the space. Characteristics of the Arabic interior design style: 

  • The area’s complexity and richness of detail. In the Arabic style, every ornamental detail is a work of art. 
  • Pillow tassels with gold thread embroidery in an exquisite pattern. The interior features a large number of minor elements. 
  • Our majlis designers utilize a wide range of materials, such as heavy curtains and bedspreads embroidered with golden threads, silk and velvet drapery and pillows, and so on. 

The subtle Islamic aspects, such as the intricate geometry, arches, and gentle curves, mix seamlessly with the modern accents, balancing out the precise modern geometry of the interiors and giving the design a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Decorious—The Leading Majlis Design Company

Decorious offers interior décor for a private property in Dubai, UAE, featuring a luxurious majlis design Dubai with a twist of contemporary flair.  

From the ceiling to the floor and walls, the room is designed with beautiful Arabesque geometrical patterns and rich textures by our interior designers. Arched windows with lovely framing on a patterned wallpaper backdrop are used to create an Arabian-inspired interior design style. With our decor majlis design company, the space can be decorated with contemporary furniture such as dazzling glass tables, attractive upholstered sofas and armchairs, and ornamental poufs in contrasting beige and blue-gray patterns that merge in perfectly with the overall design. 

In addition, we can help you add charming Moroccan-style light fixtures that transform the inside of the home into a stately dwelling, producing a warm and inviting space suitable for social or functional gatherings. 

Visit our portfolio to know more about majlis design Dubai.

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