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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen to The Next Level

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen to The Next Level

Many people who are remodeling their homes have defaulted to a ‘safe’ kitchen interior design, but now is the time to invigorate this room with bold design. After all, we spend countless hours cooking with family and hosting guests in the kitchen, which is sometimes referred to as “the heart of the house”. As a result, it's only natural that the “heart of the house” reflects our personal taste and design style.  

With that in mind, we have compiled different kitchen interior design styles that experts believe will elevate your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Interior Design with These Modern Ideas

A rose gold faucet or a farmhouse sink can elevate a space in ways you would not have expected. Let’s see other kitchen interior design ideas here:

Choose Drawers Instead of Cupboards

If you're starting from scratch or updating an existing kitchen, designers are observing a significant change away from cupboards and toward drawers. The way you'd arrange cutlery is being used in the kitchen that points out that countertop spice racks, utensil holders, and knife blocks are all being tucked away to save space.  

Technology has also changed things: some under-mount slides can now accommodate up to 100 pounds, allowing flatware and other large kitchen accessories to be stored in them.

Your Walls Should Be Decorated

Bring some framed prints into your kitchen if you want to make it a more art-friendly room. Adding artwork to your walls will give your room more personality and life.

If you don't care for art but still want to fill your walls with something to look at, highlight any collectibles or dishes you want to show off. In your kitchen, floating shelves are ideal for displaying colorful plates or antiques.

Invest in A Sink That Can Be Used for Many Purposes

Replace your sink with a multi-purpose galley-style workstation that can accommodate two to three people working simultaneously (on up to four different tasks!). It's a large-format sink with sliding attachments, so you can use it as a cutting board or a dish rack, among other items. It's a significant improvement in functionality.

Putting in Exclusive Lighting

When it comes to lighting and kitchen interior design, there are plenty of choices these days. Pendant lights are particularly fashionable, and they make a bold statement over kitchen islands.

Under-cabinet rope lights are a perfect option for some subtle additional lighting in the evening if you're looking for more low-key lighting!

Putting Some Space for Sitting

Meals are now usually eaten in the kitchen, with the dining room reserved for special occasions. Make a seating area in your kitchen instead of standing around the counter.

Stools can be used to fill in empty counter space and give your kitchen a trendy look. Fill a corner of your kitchen with a small table to build a cozy nook for snack breaks!

Creating a Rustic Look

Incorporate rustic elements into your kitchen if you want to give it a more homey feel. Bringing in antique pieces is a simple way to give your kitchen a more rustic feel. You may purchase practical kitchenware or antique wall decorations.

Exposed woodwork, earth-tone accents, and repurposing old decor or furniture are other ways to achieve a farmhouse kitchen look.

Get Rid of Your Old Refrigerator

Our kitchen interior design experts are adamant about having a compact refrigerator system installed in your kitchen. Instead of a huge, double-door refrigerator, people now have column-style fridge/freezers for perishables and built-in refrigerator drawers for beverages elsewhere in the kitchen. A device like this maximizes storage space inside the fridge, even though it doesn't save you any square footage.

Invest in Bold Designs

Some bold design elements to consider include color statement sinks and faucet finishes, as well as other bold kitchen interior design elements that can make your space really stand out. Specialty materials and unusual finishes add elegance such as enameled cast iron basin and custom cabinetry, which make the sink feel like a one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted piece of furniture. Alternatively, use complex patterning to amp up the suspense and romance. Brass accessories with one-touch spray action add a playful yet elegant sensibility to the modern, polished finish.

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Kitchens may often transform into impractical nightmares, despite their beauty. The kitchen work triangle theory, which involves calculating the distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator, should always be considered during the planning stages. Consider if any modifications to the layout are worth the additional cost of replacing the electrical wiring and water pipes while designing a custom kitchen.

With our kitchen design services, you are guaranteed of a thorough inspection and practical kitchen interior design.

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