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Master Plan

We work closely with multi-disciplinary design teams, asset and facility managers, stakeholder groups, and expert sustainable systems and emerging technology designers to ensure that the master plan design is a fully integrated vision for new growth.

The Importance of Good Master Plan Architecture

The product of a detailed understanding of the current physical features of the site, whether natural or built, and a supportive vision for the future is master plan architecture and site design. Decorious has extensive expertise in studying and evaluating large and diverse land bases for the development of residential, industry, educational, emergency services and recreational projects.

Engagement with user groups, stakeholders, community leaders and city planners is the cornerstone to any successful master plan or urban growth. If it's a detailed master plan architecture, a decade long build-out or a best-use preliminary report, this methodology is the core of our approach to every design project and ensures that we fulfill the usability, communication, functionality, sustainability and economic viability goals of our customers.

All-Rounder Master Plan Design Company

Our process is highly collaborative, involving professionals from the worlds of our customers and ours, from architects, designers and strategists to economists, engineers and members of the society. A ground swell of energy and ideas is generated by the innovative collisions that arise from this process and outlines a holistic structure for sustainable development and growth.

Specifically, in these main fields, we have good master plan architecture knowledge:

  • City Master Plan Architecture: In an increasingly competitive global climate, our innovative teams help cities around the world re-position or develop themselves to draw talent, capital and investment to expand and prosper.

  • Health Campus Planning: Our innovative mix of health designers, architects, physicians, nurses and real estate strategists allows health organizations to better position themselves to meet the needs of their populations while keeping ahead of the industry's dynamic changes and challenges.

  • Education Campus Planning: Well-versed in designing the full spectrum of educational campuses, we will take every viewpoint into consideration and produce thoughtful strategies that prepare institutions to meet the needs of today's students and address future educational developments effectively.

Successful City Master Plan Architecture

Tangible and frequently visible declarations of where a project or site is now, what it should be in the future, and what it takes to get there are master plans. Although processes for designing them differ, master plans are most efficient when they reflect a vision that brings together the concerns of consumers and the views and recommendations of experts.  

In addition, some master plans are less comprehensive than others and a vision or idea may be sufficient, or more desirable, in some situations.

Our master planning expertise covers a range of projects of varying size, character and purpose across the UAE, reflecting the overarching development context. For a diverse mix of operations, these range from pocket infill sites of up to 10 hectares to strategic sites of 1,000+ hectares. 

Small to Large-Scale Master Plan Landscape Architecture

Every project is planned with sustainability in mind - it is part of our design process and central to the development of well-integrated and economically viable smart design solutions.

We aim to find ways to enhance design and minimize life cycle costs, from large-scale landscape master planning to urban and construction design, by considering the many interrelated aspects of an effective and sustainable project.

Multi-Disciplinary Design Teams for Master Plan Architecture

We will find greater opportunities for sustainable synergies by approaching a project from the viewpoints of urban planner, architect and builder, and ensuring that these are preserved as the project progresses from planning and design to implementation.

We work closely with multi-disciplinary design teams, asset and facility managers, stakeholder groups, and expert sustainable systems and emerging technology designers to ensure that the final design is a fully integrated vision for new growth.