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Address: Office 2501, Al Manara Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

Roman and venetian blinds, shutters, curtains, upholstery, pelmets and poles, as well as cushions and accessories that complement your design are all accessible when your partner with us for dressing room design.  

All of our products and services come with installation, and we have a full team of trained tradespeople on hand to assist with flooring, décor, and electrical work.

Make the most of your walk-in closet space with cabinetry that is both beautiful and functional. Whether you want open shelves for sweaters, rails for dresses, or pull-out drawers for shoes, well-designed bespoke cabinetry can fit around even the smallest of spaces to provide order to the dressing room in a way that is aesthetically pleasant.

Decorious, as an interior design studio in the heart of Dubai, specializes in dressing room designs. We provide a high level of service on dressing room design projects by paying close attention to detail and creating a timeless design for each client, with a focus on customer consultation and after-sales support.

Dressing Room Design Work